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Still Kicking in 2019!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 6, 2019

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What’s up fuckers! I’ve got a shitload of content coming in 2019………well, actually all I have at the moment is a shitload of booze which is pretty much the same thing.

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In Case You Forgot…

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 2, 2017



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Oppressed Woman You Are Full of Shit!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on May 31, 2011


This is your Captain speaking………..welcome aboard fuckers!

You’ve talked to this chick before, the “oppressed” woman with her sobbinb stories about how unfair life is.  Everything and everyone is against her.  It’s a wonder she’s made it this far, or so she says.  It’s everyone’s fault but her own, society, her parents, her skin color, even god.

I was listening to one such bitch the other day ramble on about how stupid thughard it is for her.  However in her ramblings she left out some very important backstory.  Like the part where she was involved with and got knocked up by felons.  Yes, that’s plural, felons. 

Now you can probably guess the next part of her story, she has to raise the bastard kids on her own.  Well “on her own” meaning healthy support from the gov’t.  So now everyone from men to her employer is against her, at least that’s her fucking story.

fat bitchWell dear it should be obvious why any man with even a modest amount of success would avoid your dumb ass.  What guy would want to take over the full bill for two other men’s mistakes?!!  You let drug dealers bust load after load in your pussy then you want the guy with the stable career to come in and clean up the mess?  Stupid fucking cunt.

Oh and your employer, well maybe if you could go a whole week without having to leave early or take a mental health day then they might actually see you as an asset to the company.  Mental note to you dumb broads out there, coming in late and leaving early are not ways to forward your career.  Unless you’re trying to forward your ever expanding ass out the fucking door.

So while racism and sexism do exist, it is rarely the driving cause of a person’s woes.  It wasn’t this woman’s skin color, fate, or her god that fucked her life up, it was her string of bad decisions that SHE made that fucked her life up and continue to fuck her life up.  Bitch, the problem is YOU!

You’re now free to smack your bitch up.

Rights Managed

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World’s Greatest Fairy Tale

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 4, 2011


I spotted this on Eman’s blog.  It’s fucking gold!

Wall Hanging 2 (World's Shortest Fairy Tale)


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