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Lost that “new car” smell!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 9, 2010

This is your Captain speaking……………welcome aboard fuckers!

Have you ever seen one of these Ameri-Skanks when they are “back on the market” as far as dating?  The ones who married young and are now in their 30s or 40s and find themselves single now that their former husbands have come to their senses.  These delusional cunts act like they’re still 20!!!

Here’s how it usually goes…………………..the chick latches on to a guy young, she then gains weight and chops off her hair, the guy either cheats or leaves, and then these bags find themselves back on the market.

The result is a slew of older, way past their sell-by date bitches with an over-inflated sense of ego.  These cum dumpsters still act like they’re 21.  They still throw fits.  They try to control the guy with sex.  They can’t understand why guys their age don’t want a fucking thing to do with them.  (they rationalize it by saying that the guys cant handle a “real” woman).

These fucking used bait buckets need to realize that they are the bottom of the fucking barrel.  Getting involved with one of these whores is like buying a 88 Ford Escort.  They’ve got high mileage, suffer from frequent breakdowns, weird noises, and usually run and look like fucking microwaved shit.

Fellas chuck these battle cunts to the fucking curb and just hump-n-dump their 18yr old daughters!

You’re now free to move about the bar.

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Married Men Don’t Get Time Off For the Holidays

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on December 29, 2009

This is your Captain speaking…………….welcome aboard fuckers.

The title of this entry applies not just to married men, but to anyone living with a woman.   So single guys listen up and if you don’t believe what I’m about to tell you, then just pull one of your married buds aside and run it by him.

We’re wrapping up the Holidays this week, and going back to Thanksgiving where I am fortunate enough to work for a company that still gives a 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving.  That’s like a mini-vacation……..if you’re single.  Those of you who have been or are married know what I’m talking about.  You’re lucky if you can get a glimpse of the game on Thanksgiving.

Then on to Christmas and New Year’s which this year falls on a Friday which makes for back to back three day weekends!!!!   That’s fucking awesome………..that is…………if you’re single.

When you’re married your time is not your own, between the douche bag family members you barely recognize and don’t really fucking like, all the running around, decorations, or whatever stupid-ass fucktard shit women like to do…………you’re lucky to get a few hours on Sunday evening to yourself.

I know sometimes when you’re single you look at married people, especially this time of year, and you somehow feel that you are missing out on something.  That we have something that’s really special and you don’t.

Well………you’re FUCKING wrong.  It is us married guys who are missing out.  It is us who truly envy you  and would gladly trade places.

It is us married men, who need to lay down the plans of our escape and be free to go our own way.

You’re now free to move about your 3-Day weekend……

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Thugtician’s view on the Tiger Woods situation.

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on December 15, 2009

This is your Captain speaking…………..welcome aboard fuckers.

Once again, MRA Thugtician (Thugt1cian on YouTube) brings his unique view to the masses, this time regarding the ongoing Tiger Woods story.  I’ll be weighing in soon, but for now here’s his view from across the pond.

You’re now free to move about YouTube.

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I’m Soooo Fabulous, now promote me!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on December 1, 2009

This is your Captain speaking………welcome aboard fuckers.

The title of this story sums up the attitude of my female classmates.   As I am working and going to school full time to get my MBA, I often hear the cackle of my fellow female students and I am often sickened and amused at the same time.

I heard one heavyweight talk about how she has no interest in getting to work early or staying late but yet…………..she thinks that when she graduates that her employer should just automatically give her a raise.  Yeah, just out of the goodness of their fucking hearts I guess.  What in the blue fuck are these spoiled American dumpster cunts smoking?  Ever thought of trying to add value to the company you stupid mullet?  No of course not, that’d mean work and we all know women hate that.

And don’t make the mistake of suggesting that they take a higher position with more responsibility, of fuck no.  That’s like telling a Catholic priest to fuck a woman instead of a 10yr old boy.  That shit just does not go over well.  These entitled cum urinals want to keep the same job they have now, but just get paid more.

This is why despite most college grads being women, it’s still men at the top.  These overweight bitches don’t have a clue.  Don’t even get me started on how they think they’re so “smart” and how that should turn men on.  Sorry warpigs, I’d rather jack off to old Asia Carrera  flicks than to have to listen to you turkey-necked battle cunts.

But with this being my competition, its a pretty clear fucking path to the top.

You’re now free to watch classic porn about the cabin.

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When “Porn Star” actually met something.

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on November 23, 2009

This is your Captain speaking……..welcome aboard fuckers!

Back in my day…………………ok don’t panic this isn’t going to be a rose colored glasses trip down memory lane, but it will be a comparison to demonstrate how our standards on the whole as men has gone straight down the shitter.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s if I said “Porn Star”, it actually meant something.

You would have gotten a clear picture of what a porn star looked like.  Regardless of the race if a chick was a porn star, there were certain qualities that you could count on, the main one was of course was a kick ass body.  Nice face, perfect ass, great tits (whether natural or aftermarket bolt-ons), and no muffin tops!

Now don’t get me wrong, I fucking love the internet, it provides a forum for everyone, whether through a blog such as this or through a site like YouTube or even the adult version of “tube” sites.  Now, anyone can porn star.

There has been an explosion of homemade porn stars, many with less than desirable bodies.  Now I understand the appeal of seeing a “regular” chick, one like the attractive, but not necessarily smoking chick that lives a couple doors down.  However the latest wave of BBW and over-sized ass porn is proof of how American men have lowered their standards as to what “hot” is.

Its one thing for a flick with a girl next door type, but not if the girl next door has mounds of cellulite all over her ass and thighs, that’s just being desperate, remember porn is suppose to be about fantasy.  Fat chicks are a dime a dozen, lazy bitches are everywhere!

What’s worse is that I see guys fawn all over out of shape, overweight chicks all the time.  We have collectively lowered the bar and with women being the laziest creatures on the fucking planet, they will only do the bare minimum to get by.

The other sad part is a lot of these overweight porn queens would actually be pretty hot if they could just get the fucking fork out of their mouth and find a treadmill. But then again, we see this in everyday life, a muffin top who has potential, but because she’s already getting attention from a bunch of thirsty, desperate guys, she does nothing to improve or take it to the next level.

Gentlemen……..fuckers………….we need to cut this bullshit out.  We need to raise our standards and our level of game.  Yes we all have our slump-busters that we aren’t proud of; I’m not talking about that.  I’m talking about all this fat bitch worship.  If you have ever put the words “beautiful” and “BBW” in the same sentence, then please do us all a favor and fucking kill yourself.

This one case where I have to agree with the Expats, foreign women get it, they know that the game is never over, it’s a lesson that’s been long forgotten by the jizz-traps over here in the States.

You’re now free to watch Jenna.

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Female Sexual Prime Myth?

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on November 1, 2009

This is your Captain speaking………….welcome aboard fuckers!

OK, I’m sick and tired of listening to these overweight middle aged broads talk about how they are in their “sexual prime” and that men their age can’t keep up.  For now, let’s ignore the fact that the simple sight of the average American woman naked is not a pretty sight and would be an instant boner killer.

Everyone knows that women are at their hottest the second that they turn 18 and it goes downhill from there.  However when they are young, they are getting plenty of attention from guys.  Its ATTENTION that women crave and when they’re young they can get lots of it without much trouble.  It’s been said by countless others and its worth repeating:


typical  30-something American woman

Fast forward 10 years and 55 pounds later and Ms. Fat and Sassy is finding that she’s about as desirable as a used turd at a yard sale.  Guys her age can afford chicks much younger and hotter.  The attention train has derailed for her.  So to combat this and to fill the never-ending Western Female ego, this idea that they are in their sexual prime was started.

Because sex is the only thing that they have left.  Now that their looks have vanished its their last and only card left to play.  Some guys will bang anything, mainly broke guys.  But for a woman, attention is attention and they don’t care where or how they get it.

The sexual peak thing is just another example of how women want their cake and eat it too.  They can’t accept the fact that as they age, they have less of what men want and as men age, we have more of what women want.

So they make up some shit to make themselves feel better because the last thing that any woman wants to hear is the truth!

You are now free to piss on a fat girl’s french fries.

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Times are tough…….Let’s have a BABY!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 26, 2009

This is your Captain speaking…………welcome aboard fuckers!

Tonight’s article is sponsored by Hurricane Malt Liquor, 8.1% ABV.

Riddle me this fuckers………

How many of  you work with women who complain about how hard things are financially then the next thing you know, the other women in the office are throwing this bitch a fucking baby shower!

The same woman who was complaining about how much daycare costs, how hard it is on a limited income, talking about how expensive kids are, etc…. and suddenly they decide that having another kid is a great idea!


Of course a few months after shitting out another fetal turd, they go right back to how hard things are financially and how their job doesn’t pay them enough!   Yeah, instead of making the connection between their own actions and their life situation, they blame someone else, in this case their employer!

Typical American woman bullshit, they like to do what they want and blame someone else for their problems.  They can’t make the connection between the fact that because they have zero education and keep shitting out kids…………they can’t figure out why they don’t have any money and they can’t figure out why successful men don’t want a fucking thing to do with these used up retarded cunts.  They have 2 or 3 crumb crunchers by 3 different felons and they can’t figure out why their life is fucked up.  You stupid fucking 3-day old left in the sun bait buckets!

Just another reason to avoid these worthless entitlement whores!  They aren’t worth the price of a free rubber from the fucking free clinic!

You’re now free to drink malt liquor about the cabin fuckers!

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Beware the Rebound Piece of Ass!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 20, 2009

This is your Captain speaking…………..welcome aboard fuckers!

Tonight’s entry is sponsored by Busch… the Real-Tree camo can.  That means no one can see me drink.  I’m stealth drinking motherfuckers!

Listen, although I love reading different MRA blogs and websites, I do not consider myself in that league of elite thinkers.  I’m just a regular guy who fucked up and got married.  My opinions mostly come from personal experiences and observations.  Now on to the bullshit!

At some point, either during or after a marriage/ltr, you’re gonna need a piece of ass.  What you won’t be aware of is just how rusty you will be.  I don’t really mean your skills about seducing some bitch, I’m talking about your skills governing the selection of that bitch.

It happens in all areas, MMA fighters talk about “cage rust” when they haven’t fought in a while and we all know that playing “the game” is a lot like combat.  What we forget is the little things.  Not the big red flags, but the smaller, less obvious signs that a certain bitch just isn’t worth it.  One of the things that can hinder your skills is when you are going through a shit-hole of a relationship yourself.  Hating having to come home every night will no doubt throw off even the most seasoned players game.

Mental illness is one of the trickiest things to sus out early on because so many women have gotten good at hiding it in the beginning.  Of course the signs become clear in hindsight and you want to kick yourself for not seeing it.  Here’s how I fucked up…….

A “friend” of mine (not a co-worker!!) recently went through a divorce.  She spent all her time talking to anyone who would listen about how bad her ex was.  Looking back, here’s the mental illness clue that I missed.  She said “He left me for an unattractive fat bitch”.

Now this “friend” isn’t smoking hot by any stretch of the imagination.  She’s a three quart girl at least.  By that I mean you need to drink at least three quarts of some old school Colt 45 before you’d consider fucking this bitch.  So if after 10+ years, this guy bolts to a fat chick, what the fuck is up with that?

Well, my dumbass found out.  She was great at first, she was one of those cool chicks that were fun to hang with, drank beer and sucked dick like a fucking machine!

I quickly found out how crazy she was when I sobered up and decided that my rebound phase was over.  In the standard line, she accused me of taking advantage of her.  Keep in mind that normally she likes to talk about how fucking “smart” she is, but suddenly Ms Genius got “taken advantage of”.  She isn’t that kind of girl, she’s never done that before, blah, blah, blah, you’ve heard it all before, all the fucking excuses.

I am amazed that her ex hung in there as long as he did.  This chick is a major drama queen, if something isn’t happening, then she manufactures something out of thin air.  In typical American fashion, this bitch has an over-inflated sense of entitlement.  To call her a muffin top would be an insult to muffin tops, yet she thinks she’s hot as she continues to pile on the pounds.

This bitch is one of the most manic depressive bipolar fucked up lame-brain bitches I’ve ever seen.

Talk about jumping into the cold water!  My spider senses are back now, I’m sniffing out mental illness every fucking where after this bullshit!  Luckily I was smart enough to not let this bitch know where I live!!!!  Holy worn out pieces of ass Batman!!!!!

So fellas, learn from my fuck up.  Take time to warm up and get yourself right.  Stay away from the three quart girls!!   Especially on the nights that you’ve drank three quarts!!

Forty ounces to Freedom Fuckers!

You are now free to drink about the cabin!

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Brown Sugar Bullshit!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 11, 2009

This is your Captain speaking………..welcome aboard fuckers.

Tonight I came across a bowl full of crap in the form of a blog from “Brown Sugar”, its a blog that gives so-called advice to black women and in this rant she tries to explain why women with advanced degrees can’t find any men in their income bracket.   Total shit sandwich.

So often I hear from black women who have advanced or professional degrees that dating is hard out here for an educated black girl.

It seems there are many men who don’t find a super accomplished woman appealing. Or to be blunt about it, they’re just scared of a woman who may be smarter, more accomplished and (gasp) make more money they do.

So often however, when this topic comes up the men and their female apologists are quick to holler at the top of their lungs: THAT”S NOT THE CASE!!!!!!!  No they say, it’s the women who are the problem. These over educated sistas beleive their degrees should qualify them for wife status. They are leading with their degrees instead of being nice and flirty and smiling – ’cause of course we know that a woman needs to smile to get a man to say hello to her.

Actually women ARE the fucking problem.  Most of them are HUGE, plus-sized problems.

The truth is there are PLENTY of men who are intimidated by an intelligent, accomplished, successful woman. Many men want to feel like the King in their relationship an that can be difficult when their Quenn is better educated and making more dough than the King. There’s a reason why you see many successful, well off men with less accomplished women. The hot shot man cheating with his secretary, the nanny or his Argentinian mistress on his equally yoked wife is such a common occurrence we’re not even surprised by it anymore.

“Less accomplished” or hot?  I believe the word this cunt was looking for was hot.  That’s what successful men want and that’s the kind of women success brings, why would we settle for something less?

So yes, I think may black women are finding themselves at a disadvantage in the dating world when the step out in all of their educated, successful career glory. However I would ask if the guy who has a problem with ambitious, accomplished women is the guy you really want? I mean think about it: this guy feels so threatened by a woman who has her own that he would avoid them at all costs., why are you upset that he’s not talking to you? Is this the type of guy you really want?

Ambitious? About what?  Using up all their sick time by the end of January?

Just as there are plenty of men who find the idea of dating a woman as accomplished than they are repugnant there are plenty who see that as a requirement in any woman they date. The intelligent ambitious gal is the one they want. They want a woman who can match their own fire and see that as an asset not a liability. These are they type of me you want to date, this is where you want to focus your energy. And if you feel you’re always meeting the guys who have problems with your level of education and success, you need to find other places to hang out.

Ok enough of this overweight cunt, the bottom line is that women with advanced degrees are usually just plain fucking ugly.  Let’s be honest, I didn’t see a lot of hot chicks in my MBA classes, usually average or way, way below fucking average.  Ugly women have more time to study because they aren’t being bothered by guys to go out on dates.  They have the extra time to hit the books!

If they think that we want to have sex with their overbearing, overweight asses, then to borrow a line from Judas Priest “You’ve got another thing comming”

You are now free to move about the fucking cabin!

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To all the “woman-haters” out there!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 4, 2009

This is your Captain speaking, welcome aboard fuckers…..

I’ve spoken before about how certain over the hill female “friends” of mine have told me that I hate women.  Why?  Because I said that marriage holds NO benefit for men and that I will NEVER  get married again.

Yes, because I don’t want to risk financial ruin, I am a woman hater.  They never list any logical reasons why my statement is false, they simply attack me as a woman hater.  Funny how they’ll still have sex with such a woman hater and funny how someone who “hates” women is still banging away.

It’s also curious as to how it’s always the over 30, beyond their sell-by-date bitches that are making all these comments.  I’m sure because I don’t like cunts who just let themselves go, I’m sure that makes me a woman hater too.  I guess that I should lower my standards and look past all the younger, hotter, less drama chicks and bang chicks my own age.

Yeah right!  Fuck these Sex In The City, out of shape, droopy assed, saggy vomit-filled sock puppet tit whores!

Just another example of how women are incapable of using logic.  Just another example of how American women are living in a fantasy world where they are the queen of their castle.  More like queen of the fucking double wide!  Most American women are nothing more than glorified trailer trash.  Let’s take out the trash gentlemen!

Hump and Dump!  No living with these bitches!  No babies!  Follow your dreams and goals!  You’ll have more pussy than you know what to do with!  If wanting a great life that I enjoy makes me a woman hater, then so fucking be it.  Fucking cunts!  They complain about guys just wanting pussy, hasn’t it dawned on them that’s because that’s all these cunts have to offer?

Ask a woman about her opinion of small cap vs mid cap stocks.  Ask her about which front the military should focus on in the war on terror.  Sex is all women are good for.  Just treat it like a urinal, use them and get the fuck out!

Rock on fuckers!

You’re now free to move about the fucking cabin!

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