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Right Here, Right Now…….

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on February 21, 2010

This is your Captain speaking……………..welcome aboard fuckers.

Here’s a little diddy about my latest interaction with the common American worthless fucking cunt female.  It involves a bitch I went to graduate school with who sent me an email.  Keep in mind that the email address we’re talking about is one that I use whenever I sign up for a newsletter, or when I buy something and you have to enter an email.  So its pretty much full of junk and I don’t check it often.

So this entitlement whore sends me a message the other morning………….I of course didn’t answer because I didn’t log on to that account.  So the cunt FaceBook stalks me and sends me another email that evening…………..That’s right kids, the fucking cum dumpster entitlement skank couldn’t even wait 24 motherfucking hours for a response.

Read the following in your best bitch whinny voice:

“You didn’t respond to me.  I know you were online, I saw your post on FaceBook.  I know you always check your email……….blah, blah, bitch, bitch, blah”

When I read her bipolar emails a couple days later I sent the following response.

“I didn’t realize you knew my every move.  You should use your psychic abilities to play the stock market.  However I hope you like cats because with a vile attitude like yours that is who you will be spending your golden years with.  Good day madam.”

She responded, but I deleted without even reading it.  Her actions are typical of the mental illness that plagues most American women.  Everything is about them.

Yet they love to tell you how smart they are, their problems are always someone else’s fault.  Fucking old cat hags.  I should go shit in her mailbox.

You’re now free to shit in some cunt-whore’s mailbox.

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