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And They Wonder Why……

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on August 27, 2014




This is your Captain speaking…….welcome aboard fuckers!!!

It’s back to school time again folks, or as welfare moms call it…..Vacation.

It’s also back to all the little ladies at the office wanting the company they work for to bend and twist around so that their job doesn’t interfere with them having it all and being a mother to their womb turds and future government dependents.

I mean what bullshit it would be if the poor fragile women had to work a regular schedule like men do!!!  That would be awful if women were expected to actually contribute to the bottom line! How sexist!!!

So the little misses come in late and leave early and then come appraisal time they expect the same raise or even more as everyone else who actually fucking showed up for work.

Newsflash girls, you can’t have it all.  Just like men you have to decide if you want to play house or have a career, you can’t do both.   If you choose to shit out kids then don’t bitch when you are passed up at work by people who are better at their job in part because they have actually put some time in on the damn fuck job.

The glass ceiling is a goddamn lie, it’s not some fabled ceiling that holds women back, it’s the fucking holes they dig themselves into.  Getting worthless degrees in college and running up a shitfuckton of debt.  Having kids with convicts and other losers who can’t even support themselves.  Having kids with guys who just want to fuck and have zero interest in parenting.  Trying to trap a guy by “forgetting” your birth control.  All this is shit you guys control.  There isn’t some group of guys wringing their hands worrying about some broad wanting to get into the boardroom. 

Do you wage gap morons even have a fucking clue how hard it is to find people qualified to sit in the boardroom!!!  Of course you don’t, it’s much easier to sit and bitch about other’s success than it is to roll up your sleeves and make your own success happen.  Show me a person who hates rich business people and I’ll show you a lazy fuck.

You think it’s luck that makes you wealthy? No dumbtits, it’s work, it’s doing shit 99% of people won’t fucking damn do.  You bitch about a glass ceiling yet you don’t even work hard enough to merit getting out of the fucking basement!

Women are the reason there aren’t more women at the top.  Women are their own worst enemies.

You’re now free to piss on the ceiling.


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Don’t Jump on the Grenade!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 25, 2014


This is your Captain speaking………….welcome aboard fuckers!

What’s up fuckers!  I just wanted to rant about something I’ve been seeing a lot of lately.  We all know that as men, we can’t turn a fucking corner without being told to do something and if we don’t do it we’re not “real” men. 

One thing in particular really pisses me off because it’s one of the best ways to completely ass fuck your life.  Taking on another man’s child or in a lot of cases children!!!!

Guys stop jumping on the fucking grenade. Stop being the goddamn martyr!!! We need to lose this idea of sacrificing for no reason is somehow noble.  It’s not noble, it’s fucking retarded, in fact it’s full retard!!!!!

Newsflash Poindexter, you weren’t her first choice, or even her 100th choice, you’re just all she’s left with now that her body and vag has been wrecked by having kids.  Kids that even their own father don’t want shit to do with, so why the fuck should you?

Do you realize how many guys “step up” only to get stepped on by the very children they helped raise once they become adults and decide they want to have a relationship with their “real” father?  Thanks for paying the bills sucker!

I worked with a guy who met a chick who looked ok, she was one of these chicks who was cool and looked decent but she was literally one cupcake away from the plus-size area of the store.  Which spoiler alert……she’s way past plus sized now.  He got with this chick when she was still fucking around with her ex and “happened” to get pregnant.  Obviously in hopes of trapping the ex but he said fuck you and left her pregnant bloated ass. 

Well my buddy, Mr Knight in White Pussy Satin, decided to “step up” and be a so called real man.  What has he gotten in return?  Well she has gained ton of weight and looks like warmed over shit, something she didn’t do when she was with the bad boy who left her while she was knocked up.  He gets to pay ALL, yes all, the bills for this bastard womb turd because she won’t go after the ex for child support.  Basically my friend bought a used up Jag off a buy-here pay-here lot and the thing is rapidly falling apart and will NEVER look or run as good as it used to.

Fellas, stop being the nice guy.  Be the dick.  Trust me, it works a hell of a lot better.  Your wallet and your dick will thank you.

You’re now free to jizz on the Super Bowl Halftime Show.


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Why Can’t the NFL Support Prostate Cancer?

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 11, 2011


This is your Captain speaking….welcome aboard fuckers!

Pink in the NFL, are you fucking shitting me??  God-fucking-damn!!  Ok, so if us guys are so resistant to going to the doctor as the popular line goes, then why isn’t the NFL which has a predominately male audience address male issues.  Or hell, no issues and just play fucking football!

You never see the fucking Lifetime or WE networks doing men’s health month.  Yet the NFL is having their players wear nfl_players_may_be_fined_for_wearing_unauthorized_tribute_gearpink, not just a little ribbon but pink all over the goddamn place.

Now remember when the players were wanting to wear red, white and blue apparel to remember 9/11?  There was actually talk of players being FINED for wearing unauthorized gear.  After some serious ass-dragging the NFL finally said that players would not be fined.  So fucking nice to see where the league’s priorities are at, not with a national tragedy but with a health issue that affects only a small fraction of their demographic.  

cheerleader NOT from americaNow before some of you broads start yammering about how you luuuvvvv  football, yes I realize that there are a tiny fraction of women who actually like the game.  As in it’s something you’d turn on even if you were alone in the house. 

Trust me, usually when it’s kickoff time most women conveniently like to fire up the vacuum, or decide that they need to have a serious conversation about some bullshit, or some other made up fucking emergency that just has to be taken care of right then.

NFL players wearing pink for a month while totally ignoring men’s health issues is just another example of the fucked up world we live in thanks to feminists and political correctness.  We’re surrounded by pussy and not the kind you can fuck!  Hey, here’s a fucking insane idea….How about we just let them play fucking ball, it’s not like most of you cunts are even watching!  FUCK!!

You’re now free to wipe your ass with a pink ribbon.


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You Selfish Bastard!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on August 3, 2011

ol dirty bastard

This is your Captain speaking………welcome aboard fuckers!!

While I readily admit that I am a dirty bastard, I’m getting sick and fuck tit tired of being called a selfish bastard just because I won’t give my hard-earned income and/or time to someone who doesn’t deserve to be pissed on.

Here’s a short list of stuff that some of you have probably been accused of being selfish over.

  1. Not accepting her outrageous baggage. Baggage includes kids, her fucked up childhood and other mental issues, and the fact the last 20 guys beat the shit out of her.
  2. Not helping one of her loser ass family members who have made a career out of fucking up.
  3. Not paying off HER bills that she ran while she was out banging other guys.
  4. Not wanting to have kids of your own……..or in her brain, not wanting “her” kids.

selfishYou know what fellas, there is NOTHING wrong with looking out for #1.  If you don’t nobody will and I mean NOBODY!!!!  There is nothing wrong with working hard and excelling at something and then getting paid well for it.

There is NOTHING wrong with being promoted quicker than your peers.  (hell maybe your peers are fucking idiots!)

There is also nothing wrong with not wanting to be keyra2saddled with a bunch of debt for shit you don’t really want or need.  Like shit from Rooms to Hoe or any other bullshit purchases that women love to make.  Women love to spend money on shit that becomes worthless before you can even get it out the fucking door.


Look out for you!!

Hey, I’m not a total dick, I do give quite generously to charities that I like, but a girlfriend or her family is not a fucking charity!!

Guys don’t listen to anyone who tries to tear you down as you move up, just leave their fucking fuck ass down at the fucking bottom!

You’re now free to make to the top and then blow your bonus on shit you like.


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Planned Parenthood

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on June 26, 2011


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Avoid Marriage Files: Women’s Bullshit

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on May 9, 2011


This is your Captain speaking………..welcome aboard fuckers!

Yet again I hear a perfect of women’s bullshit while on the job.  This falls into the category of “not all women are like that”, a topic we’ve covered before but since this bitch sees fit to bring it up at work all the time I’ll bring it up here.

This is the chick who got knocked up by a loser and had to drop out of college, then married the loser and decided to have a second kid with the loser.  My prediction is of course that she’ll be pregnant with a third kid from this loser by year end.  Oh, and she’s on gov’t assistance so you and I are paying for her little rugrats.  Just thought I’d throw that little fact in.trailer trash bitches

This chick and one of her “proud” single mother friends were talking about how if they left the loser they were with that they wouldn’t take anything.  “He could have it all!” as the one sloppy bitch put it.

Yes, have it all!!!  But all of what?  All of their Wal-Mart book cases that fall apart the moment you fart on them?  All of their over-priced, low quality rent-to-own furniture?  All the riches of some guy who doesn’t even make $20k a year at the age of 30?  Wow!!!  That’s so fucking nice of her!!!!

Women like this love to try to snag a decent guy now that they’ve been knocked up multiple times by a loser.  But gentlemen, do NOT fall for this bullshit!  The only reason these cunts wouldn’t take anything from their loser lovers is because there isn’t shit to fucking fuck take!!!!!!

That’s like me saying I wouldn’t fuck Oprah to help the war effort.  So fucking what?  I wouldn’t of fucked her anyways!!!!!!!

Motherfuck fucking goddamn ass raping fuck these dumb cunts drive me crazy!!  But on a happy note, we all know that most women don’t discover what a 401K is until they’re around age 56.  So these dumb human Xerox machines will be eating catfood when they get old.  Joke’s on you tramp!

You’re now free to move about the trailer park!


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Newsflash: Marriage Sucks ……Still!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on April 19, 2011

       marriage hell

This is your Captain speaking……………welcome aboard fuckers!

While talking to a buddy of mine today in my office, we heard the shrill sound of a old hag’s voice as it carried across the office “All men are stupid!”

Actually this particular warpig loves to frequently complain about how stupid her husband is and about how lost he’d be without her.  This of course gets the other dried up hens echoing the same brainless chatter.

Of course if the sexes in this scenario were reversed, all the men would have been fired for such “offensive” comments.  Yet just like on television, it’s supposedly funny to make fun of guys.

The real joke is on these typical loud mouth American bitches, too bad they’re drinking too much of their own kool-aid to figure it the fuck out.  They don’t have a husband, they have a hostage.  A hostage who if he did decide to leave would be stripped of not just his current assets, but his future American bitchassets including his retirement!

Now I’m sure you younger guys out there can’t ever imagine your little cupcake turning into one of these disrespectful, shrill, old hags.  The truth is that she’ll actually turn into a disrespectful, shrill young hag, then as time progresses she’ll become the crabby old bitch that her mother probably is today.

Trust me, if marriage kicked ass you’d be hearing about it from your married friends.  We’re not sitting on some fucking golden ticket here, let me tell ya!!!  Have you ever had one of your buds talk about how ever since marrying his wife she goes to the gym more, loves blow jobs, can’t get enough sex, cooks dinner every night, doesn’t try to change him………you get the point. 

That shit NEVER happens, especially the so called “perfect couple”, if you get the guy off to himself and a few beers in him he’ll open up about how little sex he really gets, about how he’s one minute away from financial ruin because of all her spending, basically he’ll tell you just how perfect they are NOT!

Cherish your freedom gentlemen and do not give it away lightly, it will cost you a shit ton to get it back!!!!

You’re now free to drop a load in the bitch’s eye without prior warning.


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Happy Marc Rudov Day!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on February 14, 2011

What’s up fuckers, I found this over at ScareCrow’s site. An awesome vid about feminism.  Well worth the time to check out and while you’re at it check out Marc’s site.  I’ve been listening to the radio archive section where you can hear some recent interviews about NO-mance Day, or as it should be called……Marc Rudov Day!

As ScareCrow would say…”SHOW DICK SOME RESPECT!”

The Story of Feminism–as told by WOMEN from maxtll on Vimeo.

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I Want More Out of Life

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 27, 2010

This is your Captain speaking…………welcome aboard fuckers!

I want a good life, that’s what I hear a lot from women who have spent their youth banging losers.  Funny how they weren’t looking for anything while some dope smoking idiot was dumping load after load into her as she kept shitting out kids.  Now that reality is beginning to set in and kick these bitches asses………now they want Poindexter from the IT department to step in and fill the financial void.

single mother 5

Single mothers wanting to start a “new” life, of course it’s only new if you don’t count all the fucking baggage they’re carrying around with them.  They want the new guy to pick up the tab for the loser who banged her back when she was at her hottest.  Now that she’s giving you the left overs, you also have to pay.  Awesome deal huh!

What’s crazy is these women who have spend most of their lives fucking losers suddenly have this incredible sense of entitlement!  They demand shit out of Poindexter that their old loser of a sperm donor wouldn’t even consider doing.  Now that they’re all worn the fuck out, now they want to have something meaningful.

I know it’s tempting sometimes guys.  Sometimes these women actually look good!  Just don’t forget it’s the ole bait n switch tactic.  Once she gets you locked in, here comes the pounds and there goes the long hair.  You can forget about good sex!  Blowjobs?  Not on your life!

Of course these are some of the same women who lament about not being able to find a good guy.  Bitch maybe the fact you have 3 or 4 kids is a fucking factor!!!  Do you really think another guy wants to jump in and start paying?  Yes everyone can make one mistake but when you let yourself get knocked up by a loser repeatedly, FUCK YOU!

You’re now free to blow a load in some cunt’s hair.


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The Next Generation of Beaten Dogs

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 16, 2010

This is your Captain speaking……..welcome aboard fuckers.

So I made a comment on a site about Marriage 2.0 (no not the Spearhead article).  My response was simply that there is no benefit to a man to get married, because there isn’t.  The following is a response I received to my comment.  I of course interjected my alcohol fueled commentary highlighted in red.

I’m not naming this person because this young man represents a lot of young guys that have grown up with the internet and probably have little or no interpersonal skills out in the real world.   Enjoy fuckers.


  • Marriage actually guarantees quite a bit, for those who are willing to make the sacrifice and do for more than themselves. Sounds like a recipe to get fucked!

  • Marriage guarantees that you will: have the opportunity to grow in selflessness, be able to have a more keen sense of self and others, understand the intricacies of other people centeredness, What? You have to have a mommy to help you be a better person, you can’t grow on your own?

  • have a family of your own, grow in emotional intelligence, increase your income and your wealth, Whoa!  Stop right the fuck there nitwit.  Unless you’re a loser marriage does not increase your wealth, especially when you live in a community property state as most of us do.  Talk to some guys who are paying out the ass in child support for kids she wanted and alimony to her while she’s shacked up with her next victim. Ok, let’s continue on…

  • enjoy the benefits of a consistent and fulfilling sex life, Holy diluted sense of how the real world works Batman!  What the fuck do we have here!!!  This kid needs to talk to some of the guys he works with that’s been married for a few years.  I don’t know of any married guys talking about how their sex life kicks ass or how after they signed on the dotted line how she keeps herself in tip top shape.  In fact, we hear the exact opposite.  Sure there are some guys who get it regularly but even then you’re getting the same old tired shit regularly.,

  • have companionship and loyalty, Loyalty?  Women initiate 70% of divorces.

  • build a true home, see the world, build your local community, provide assistance to kids who don’t have a home, and take out the garbage. Take out the garbage?  That’s the best you can come up with for a benefit?
    Who wouldn’t want to try that?!

  • I was once a single male. Not much out there. This where the real problem surfaces for this young man.  He was probably raised by a single mother who taught him to be a nice guy and we all know how much nice guys get laid.  So then he finally found someone with a vagina who would give him the time of day he jumped in with both feet, overlooking all her faults because he was just desperate and without options.


  • You take a risk either way. If you’re not dating a woman you date your job. If you’re dating someone that you like, but don’t want to get married to, you never have a fulfilling relationship outside of sex. If she wants to be with you and not get married as well, you move in together and then you have a psuedo-marriage. Never live with a bitch!!


  • So the benefit there, is that you don’t have to come up with lawyer fees, but you have to find a security deposit for your next apartment…lol. Which isn’t hard if you have a career, give up your dream of being a shift manager at Wendy’s and you might be able to afford the security deposit.

You are now free to send cock pics to random chicks.  You know they like it.

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