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Shit That’s Pissing Me Off Today…

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on November 15, 2011


What’s up fuckers! 

You know what’s really pissing me off right now?  Women who EXPECT other people, like you and I, to help foot the bill for their kids that they can’t afford!

While eating lunch at an unnamed chain restaurant, let’s call it Rubychillifridaygardenlobsterhorn and in the booth behind me were these two bitches in their late 20s, the one was crying her eyes out about not knowing what to do now that she’s pregnant.

Something must be in the fucking water because when I turn on the local news there’s always a story asking people to help some poor single mother with 3 kids from 5 different guys.  Yes, we must help her save her house or feed those crumbcrunchers.  The shit’s everywhere!!  Anyways…back to my fuck story.

Apparently this stupid cunt doesn’t even have a job with health insurance, so she was telling her friend that she was soooooo worried about being denied Medicaid.  She told her cunt friend that “I need help, I can’t do this alone.”  Hmm, maybe you should have found a man, but that’s too fucking old school for you isn’t?

You should have thought about that before dumbass.  There are just too many types of birth control out there, not to mention the morning after pill for me to buy this line of shit.  She wanted a baby, she didn’t give two shits worth of thought as to how she’d actually raise the kid or the quality of life that child would have.

If I went around saying fellow taxpayers should fund my dream of my own private cruise ship filled with alcohol and staffed with chefs and horny Brazilian women and 2 midgets people would tell me how stupid I was.  They’d tell me to get a job and fund my own fucking fantasy.

Well ladies, that’s what you should fucking do.  Nobody owes you a dime, if you want something then do what men do…..plan and work for it.

Peace out fuckers, I’ll see you on the cruise ship!


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