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Man of the Fucking Month?????

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on April 15, 2013

charlie fuck you bitch

This is your Captain speaking….welcome aboard fuckers!!!!

So the other day I’m sitting out back smoking a cigar, drinking fucking monk beer and enjoying the view.  That’s when I received the notification that someone had left a trackback on the ole blog.  Upon further drunken investigation I discovered that a fellow blogger had named me the Man of the Month for April.

Turns out this guy highlights someone different every month, some of the people you’ve probably heard of, like Barbarossaaaa and others might be new to your ears.  This blog is a great way to find new and interesting material related to Men’s Right’s and just plan kicking feminism’s ass.

So let me just say thank you to the Man of the Month site for mentioning this drunken mess I call a blog.  If there someone who you would like to see featured on the MOTM site, there is a “nominate” tab, so if you have a favorite blog, YouTuber, or whoever, you can drop their name in the hat.

That’s it for today fuckers!

You’re now free to drink monk beer and piss on a feminist.

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