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Deadbeats and Dumb Bitches

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on December 13, 2010

This is your Captain speaking………..welcome aboard fuckers!

So I’ve been fucking around on FaceBook lately, with my laptop in one hand and a bottle of Johnnie Walker in the other.  I ended up on a page about deadbeat dads.  Post after post of women whining about how they haven’t gotten child support from their exes.


Yes to their surprise they let a guy who was a drug addict or an abuser or just plain loser knock them up… and now ……they are amazed that these guys aren’t paying child support.  How is this possible?  These women all have magic vaginas right?

WRONG!  Actually in the beginning these women loved all the things about these guys that they’re now bitching about.  They loved the dope smoking addict because he was such a free spirit.  The controlling, abusive guy really made her pussy drip with anticipation because he was a guy who knew what he wanted.

Of course having to support not only yourself and your kid or kids but also your loser boyfriend/husband gets old after a while.  Now these women want to cry “deadbeat” as if the guy has changed, but he hasn’t. 


This is just another example of women always playing the victim card.  Poor delicate little flowers they are…… ass!  These guys were deadbeats from day one!  It’s not the guys fault, it’s the poor decision making on the part of the women to have children with losers!  

So girls before you complain about how much of a loser your kids’ father…..or for most of you fathers……..before you start bitching just remember that YOU picked this guy.  YOU got pregnant and decided that it’d be a fan-fucking-tastic idea to have a baby with a loser.  YOU did this!  Put your big girl panties on and shut the fuck up!

You’re now free to smack your bitch up.


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