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Accustomed to a Certain Lifestyle

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on March 16, 2010

This is your Captain speaking……………….welcome aboard fuckers.

First off, yes I know some men get alimony.  It happens.  In Chile a girl survived a 13-story fall, it happens.  Mostly alimony is the man paying for past use of a vagina.  But why?  Because she “grew accustomed to a certain lifestyle”.


So if I switch jobs, can I tell my employer that he has to give me a month of vacation every year simply because my old employer did?  What if I was accustomed to it?  Sounds fucking retarded, right?  Because it is, but somehow our legal system has it ass-backwards once again.

So what about what the guy was accustomed to?  What if he was accustomed to the attractive woman that he dated and she chops off her hair and porks up the minute her lips touch the wedding cake?  What if he was accustomed to getting his dick sucked on a regular basis………..never mind……that’s over once her lips touch the wedding cake too!!!

Bottom line is that neither person is entitled to JACK FUCKING SHIT.  If a relationship goes south, you move on.  There shouldn’t be financial penalties.  If a woman is in a marriage and she chooses to crap out kids instead of a career that could support her, that was HER decision.  If she got a degree in women’s studies instead of going to medical school, then that was HER decision.   So when the relationship is over, it should be fucking over!!

Just another reason why there is no benefit to a man to get married.

You are now free to kick the bitch down the stairs.

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